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Dear Santa – Here is my Christmas List

I hope you’ll be able to assist You see, please bring them all, My husband just couldn’t seem to find them at the mall.

I would like to have my own king size bed, That includes a pillow for just my single head. You see, dear Santa, it may seem, My kids are unable to have a good dreams.

Without adding trouble I need this to include a full night’s sleep,You must understand I know what I am asking for is pretty steep.Also, I need to have a long, hot shower.

Now I am not asking for magical unicorns, a wand or a clown, The next thing I need is the disappearance of these unwanted pounds.

In that small request I have to inquire, If no working out or food deprivation can be required?It is quite simple, for Christmas I want those pounds to simply melt away,Heck, I am sure you can easily fit that simple enough in your sleigh.

Strange enough, I remember putting this on my list last year,I guess there was mis-communication and I wasn’t very straightforward or clear. I would simply like to go to the bathroom alone, Somehow we need to make this a kid free zone.

Now, if this last gift request does seem a bit difficult or unfair, I can settle each morning to brush my teeth and comb my hair.


Written by debbiecluff

December 23, 2010 at 10:29 pm

Posted in Education

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