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Misspelled Words in Blogging

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There are two reasons why I am writing this blog. The first has to do with being an educator and correcting 6th graders on their punctuation and spelling (meaning incorrect spelling is a GIANT PET PEEVE) while I was teaching in Alhambra. The second has to do with my mother who always, so graciously, would correct every wrong word spelled, in every location we went(Born To Spell)! I remember walking into the local bank my senior year in High School and they had a word spelled wrong on the white board. My mother kindly spoke with the manager of the bank, who didn’t believe her that the word was spelled incorrectly, and then got a dictionary to show my mother that she was wrong. My mother gleamed as the dictionary was pulled out and the manager was put to shame. Sure showed me that spelling is important in every business.

But what does misspelled words have to do with blogging?

I found this WONDERFUL website (or so I would have thought) called Hot Topic Blogs. It actually pulled up first in my Google search (remember I am a Google addict) and that means it has the rankings which I highly admire. Looks like a great site and even pulls up as the “rick, niche” blogging site. The first sentence on this site says, “

Niche Market Research Methods: The first module of the Rich Niche Blogging Training is now launched. It took a long time to get organised but it was released yesterday very quietly as I’m still testing out a few things. But I’m really excited to tell you about it.

Did you catch it? ORGANISED? Right there, I stopped reading the blog and questioned whether the author was educated in any way and/or why they didn’t do spell check ( a simple button to help those lacking spelling abilities). I can’t go on. I would love to find my rich, niche in blogging and training, but I just can’t do it. The website is selling a book and I don’t want this book because the author cannot spell. I can’t get passed these people and these sites who are trying to “EDUCATE” and “TEACH” people how to use the internet when in turn, can’t spell. Any joe-schmo can write a book and post it for pay on the internet, but remember if you are writing a book, you need to show your true background and demeanor through your writing, which includes correct punctuation and spelling.

I will confuse that I do read to find mistakes in spelling, but come on, we have proof readers, engineers, web site hosts, web masters, friends, family members, and spell check! This is the internet, a place where we have to read and put the words, faces, and expressions in our head. With the misspelling of words, it just lowers the readers thinking of your IQ level and actual education behind the company. So Blog away, blog far, but spell the words correctly!


Maybe next time we will talk about CAPITALS and when to use them 🙂


Written by debbiecluff

July 29, 2008 at 6:37 pm

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