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Kim Power Stilson, Does It, Again!

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I finally finished and here we go!  I call it Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh and it is the story of how a Woman turns 17 year dream into solution for small businesses.



July 26, 2008—Woodland Hills, UT & Dunmore East, Ireland


Kim Power Stilson, mother, at home entrepreneur and dual-citizen releases new education guide to give small business owners competitive edge to marketing their products online.


Kim Power Stilson literally delivered her third child while working in the corporate world.  She wanted to spend more time at home with them so she developed a solution that helped her company gain 150% increase in name awareness taking them from 126th in the industry to top 3 in nine months, coming 60% under budget, bringing in $50 million in ordered sales and funding and  . . . the real success, a promotion which “allowed” her to work from home a few days a week. 


Hearing of her success her small business owner friends asked for her marketing help she knew there had to be a way for them to promote their products without the high corporate staff and price tag. 


Kim came up with a plan she simply called, Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh and used that strategy to help her company, her clients and her friends succeed.  Kim went on to become one of the first women to pioneer Internet talk radio and she helped over 107,000 people promote their products online.   During this time her goal was always to find time to write a guide which would allow her to help thousands more.  Today she is pleased to announce the release of her two new marketing guides and a workbook which allow any small business owner to quickly have a marketing strategy and the tools to promote their business online and traditionally. 


Her guides, “24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing Strategy Guide and Workbook” and the “Get online Blog, Ping, Pod, Stream, Bookmark, Blast, Release, Wiki, Widget, Web, Link, Avatar, Tag and Twitter!  What is it and how do I do it?” are now available with a FREE excerpt at www.powerstratgies.TV . 


According to Kim, who now works at home very successfully with teenagers in the house says that every person can choose the life they want to lead and make money while doing it by marketing their business. 


“Marketing is essential but it does not have to be expensive rocket science,” said Power Stilson.  “Women and family-owned business can make money by marketing their products online and offline without a large budget and while at home.  I worked through labor and delivery of one of my kids and my goal in life is to prevent any women from ever having to do that! I promise this will help.”


Both guides and the workbook are offered in Green-style online in a PDF  version, as well as, a robust video, audio, Internet, Web, Social Media & Marketing certified education course.   (Prices range from $240 – $2400 with certification.) For Free Media trial contact:  Jack Brian or Anne Roberts Jack@powerstrategies.TV  or or 801-473-9174. 




About Kim Power Stilson:

Kim Power Stilson, award-winning marketing strategist and first women to pioneer Internet talk radio, is a social media and Internet marketing strategist who has helped over 100,000 small businesses promote their products online.  Founder of Power Strategies, Inc., she is the Internet talk radio, host of “My Best Friends are Dogs and Bloggers” on Planetary Streams (Log on and listen at and “Power Strategies, market your business to better bottom line!” talk radio show on  She is the founder of the Bluebird Sisterhood and her blog is and   She loves to watercolor, play tennis, snow ski, write and be near the sea. She divides her time between California, Utah & Ireland. 

Kim Power Stilson is the author of Women Buy Everything (Fall 200 8) 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing Strategy Guide and Workbook and Get online Blog, Ping, Pod, Stream, Bookmark, Blast, Release, Wiki, Widget, Web, Link, Avatar, Tag and Twitter!  What is it and how do I do it? Her professional marketing background includes over 17 years experience and a proven track record of success. She has created marketing positioning campaigns based on her own copyrighted Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh marketing strategy to build name awareness and speed up the sales process hundreds of companies delivering award-winning campaigns to national and international audiences for at 60% savings over costs, with an 140% increase in name awareness and delivering ordered sales of $50 million plus.


About Power Strategies, Inc:

Power Strategies is a Social Media, PR, Web & Internet Marketing Strategies Company providing Education, Marketing Consultation and Public Relations Services to women and family owned businesses and corporations in the United States and Ireland. www.powerstrategies.TV



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