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What Does Your Future Hold?

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I was out to lunch with a dear friend, Kim Power Stilson, a couple of days ago and she asked me what my plans were for the future, career wise. It as an interesting question that I didn’t have an immediate answer to so I simple said, “At this time I am not sure as I am trying to figure out what I want to do”. Growing up, my father had never really settled on one job, so it seemed like a silly question to ask. I had always followed in his entrepreneur steps and always sensed that opportunity would knock. Was I wrong? or just naive in my thinking?  

I pondered on that question for a couple of days and now think I have a solid answer to “what my future holds”. I began my career choice as many young teenagers do, the decision was made by my parents. My mom had 10 kids and I liked kids so teaching felt like the right career path. She had gone to school to be a teacher, so that is what I was mostly pushed into doing. My mom had always said it was a good choice for moms to be teachers, so I went that route, seemed like a work from home job, in some sense as teachers were always working from home. I taught for two years and decided I hated teaching, too much politics and social networking (in the non-online form). So I had to adapt to my surroundings and, as my mother would say, “See a need, fill it”.

I decided to do the next best thing to teaching, online tutoring and instant homework help. This was a definite “work from home” field with an “online marketing business” twist.  I spent hours on end (remember the quote from Abe Lincoln, “if I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the next 4 hours sharpening my ax”) learning about the internet. I learned how to social network, how to start my own small business, all about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)and WWW (World Wide Web). I  became a “preferred” writer on sites such as and article city (they even sent me a mug at the end of the year for all my writing contributions). I found amazing business consulting sites (such as and that enabled me to bring my business to  a successful money  making company.

I am at a new stage in my life, but a lot of what my future holds depends on what I steps I decide to take in my life and how I strategically place my next pieces. I don’t think I was wrong or naive in not knowing that answer to what my future holds mainly because I am know I am able to do something with what I am giving. To quote the amazing President Abe Lincoln again, “During the Civil War the generals told the President that they had caught 6 cows and wanted to know what to do with them. He replied, “Milk Them”. So to the World Wide Web and those spending hours on Google trying to find the answer to what their future holds, just remember to take what you are given and find the easiest solution.

So I found a back-up plan. What does my future hold? I need to become educated in Social Media. I did this in 24 hours… with the help of the “24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing” go to for more.


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