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Yesterday I Won A Game of Mexican Train

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I had one last piece, an orange number eight, and it was my turn to place. I looked at my husband who gently nodded to my train of dominoes and I then knew that I could place my last piece. There it was, a double orange eight, at the top of the train… a place I had forgotten about and the spot I could lay down my last domino. I cheered, it was Laurie’s turn, and with that squeal the group had known they lost, I put my piece down and WON! I was proud, my friends cheered and my husband laughed as this was our 9th time playing, and I had finally won my first round of Mexican Train. We played a few more rounds after my first victory, but as the title states, “I won A game of Mexican Train” (I did joke with my girlfriends that I would be Blogging about this the next day and here I am).

I joked with those around me, that I am not a winner of games. I actually, pretty much, loose every game I play (accept this one time last week, I totally killed everyone in Bowling on the Wii, who knew). I am a super good sport about it because even it I try to engulf my competitive side, I still loose, and then I am grumpy. Yet, as I basked in the glory of my won win, I thought about the quote, “I try to make all my failures seem like small triumphs”.

I was researching different keywords on Google, for my company, and found that the words “online marketing, moms, work from home, home based business, small business” were very popular terms (with a million plus hits a day) and seemed to represent what our society is trying to achieve. Everyone wants to be that ONE company who WINS their turn on the World Wide Web by having their keywords placed #1 on the Google or any Search Engine (or SEO as those geeks like to call it). We still have to remember that maybe just having one of our keywords placed is just as great as having all of them. So play the game of SEO, but remember that your time will come when you are #1 in the Search Engines (and it might not last J).


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