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The Debbie Cluff Show is Helping Parents and Teachers in the NCLB crunch

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nited States of America (Press Release) May 26, 2008 — May 18, 2008- Pasadena, California- “The Debbie Cluff Show”, which gives power to parents by helping them find the missing link in their child’s education, streams only on Planetary Streams,, is proud to announce there support to both parents and educators in helping to achieve the NCLB proficiency goals.

The Center on Education Policy released the following statement in which, school districts are going to “make nearly impossible improvements in student’s performance to reach the federal law’s target of 100 percent proficiency by the 2013-2014 school year”. In order to support the student trajectories, “The Debbie Cluff Show” will be providing tips and programs for both parents and school districts every Friday from 1-2 EST, LIVE on Planetary Streams. While there are many different supplemental educational services offering at school or in corporate centers, this show will provided a LIVE call-in segment, 1-866-535-0840, where parents and educators can ask direct questions to the hosts, Debbie Cluff and Melanie Roberts. Both hosts hope this will help educate parents and teachers on what to do and what to expect with the upcoming NCLB deadline.

Parents and Educators are not educated in the terms and conditions of the NCLB law and the hosts of “The Debbie Cluff Show” want to bring awareness to how achievement goals are set in each district. “Education is the key to success for NCLB”, explains Debbie Cluff, host, “and we want everyone to simply understand what is going on both nationally and locally”. The show hosts are asking both parents and educators to call in and ask what they can do to support this educational law.

For additional questions about this program, listen to The Debbie Cluff Show stream LIVE every Friday 1-2 EST only on or call 1-866-535-0840. For information on the news in this press release, please contact Tyler Cluff at Additional products available for parents are educational products for infants, toddlers, preschool students, and elementary aged students.

Debbie Cluff is an author and the CEO and owner of Links for Learning,, an online tutoring and instant homework help site.She has her B.A. in child development and her Master’s in Education. She has 3 children and is currently in a preschool classroom. Debbie Cluff was raised in South Pasadena, California. Her mother a special education teacher inspired her to become a teacher.

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  1. I have heard your show Debbie and it is great. I enjoy Internet Streaming talk radio online far better than terrestrial radio! Thanks!


    June 13, 2008 at 2:26 am

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