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Students Who are At-Risk!

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Author: Debbie Cluff
Students who are placed at risk due to poverty, race, ethnicity, language, or other factors are rarely well served by their schools (Hilliard, 1989; Letgers, McDill, & McPartland, 1993).

They often attend schools where they are tracked into substandard courses and programs holding low expectations for learning (Oakes, 1985; Wheelock, 1992). If parents are to achieve the desired goal of success for all students, they must hold high expectations for all, especially this growing segment of learners. They must view these students as having strengths, not “deficits,” and adopt programs and practices that help all students to achieve their true potential. At-risk students can be defined as students who are not meeting academic expectations. This can be due to many factors, such as ADHD or other learning disabilities. These students are just not being help in the regular classroom setting and need additional support outside of school. It is important to build on the student’s strengths rather than their limitations. Teachers need to be education in the different styles of teaching at-risk students along with students with learning disabilities. It is important for these students to know that their teaching staff cares about their learning outcome. The special aspect of our site is that we are able to work with every learning style.

These learning styles are Visual Learners (through Reading the Live Chat and Books), Auditory Learners (Listening during our Chat Conversation and Reading Program), and Tacticle/Kinesthetic Learners (through typing on the keyboard). Online Tutoring and Homework Help is able to work with your child’s learning style becuase the internet embodies these styles. They try to use children’s traits to their advantage and teach them how to make their learning habits work for them in the classroom. Online Tutoring is so important to students who are at-risk because the tutors can work better with their learning styles and needs.

During most online tutoring sessions, the students can be wiggly and will not get in trouble. The tutors have to explain themselves very carefully and very briefly because of the Instant Messenger factor. This is why at-risk students recieve higher schools when taught online.

About Author:

Debbie Cluff is the owner of Links for Learning,, an online tutoring and instant homework help site for K-12th grade in Reading, Writing, and Math. She is the oldest of 10 kids, mother of 2 (expecting one more), and a devoted wife. She has her B.A. in Liberal Studies from CalState L.A. and a Master’s of Education.

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