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The Importance of “Reading is Fun” Week

I can bet that you don’t know what the second week in May is?. This week is simply “Reading is Fun” week; dubbed by the non-profit organization Reading is Fundamental. “Reading is Fun” week gives parents and students an opportunity to spend time together reading. Whether you are 90 or 9, reading is fun week provides the perfect excuse to stop what you are doing and read a book with a loved one. The most important aspect of this week is to make sure that your children understand that reading is a great experience.

I can remember growing up and watching my mother read her books. My father would get upset because once she picked up a book, she didn’t put it down until it was complete. This meant that she would sit in her room and read, ignoring all the other household duties (to some extent). This was really a great learning experience for me because it taught me the value of reading and that it should play an important aspect in my life. I am a great reader and now my children watch me sit and read all weekend knowing that I am completely absorbed in this book and experience. I am proud to say that my children are fantastic readers because I set the example of reading being fun.

The key to “Reading is Fun” week is to make the reading experience fun and truly take the time to plan activities that your children will look forward to. Reading and reading activities should not been seen as one of the chores that have to be done during the day. Instead parents should foster the concept of love of reading through “fun” reading activities. The most important principle to remember during this week is that teaching your child to have fun while reading needs to become a part of your daily life.

I do lots of public speaking through out the United States about “How Ordinary Parents can Raise Extraordinary Students”. Parents are always so surprised when they come to the seminars and find out the simple three steps in educational success in the home. And while there are two other steps, the most important aspect of “raising an extraordinary student” is reading in the home. By reading regularly to your children you can improve your speaking, listening, writing, and vocabulary.

Although the life of a parent is very hectic, you should try to read with your child a least once a day. Don’t worry if you miss a day or don’t always keep the scheduled reading time; just try to read with your child as often as possible and when you can.

Parents, please just encourage reading in your home by starting the second week of May and celebrating “Reading is Fun”. Take this week to get your reading schedule and activities planned for the rest of the month, or even better, the year. So what are some reading experiences you can have with your child during this week and year round?

· Take advantage of having a night time routine by reading with your child. I will ask my kids to get in their pajama’s and pick their favorite book. My husband and I will read with a child, while the other ones are getting ready for bed. It is very simple to have your children grab a book and spend 5 minutes reading with them every night.

· Enjoy the weather by planning a family picnic which involves your favorite book. Every Monday, my husband and I (weather permitting) take our children to the park and read a book then let them play. Be bold and be carefree with reading and your children. Don’t let them think reading is a chore, but a privilege.

· Consider reading a series with your entire family. Who read the “Sweet Valley High Series”? I remember my mother would take me to the book store when a new book in this series would be coming out and we would buy the book, and then get ice cream. It was one of my favorite things to do with my mom. What a simple way to teach me that reading is fun. So start any series with your entire family and read every night, one chapter. The big kids can help the little kids with questions and answers! This is a great bonding reading/family activity.

· Plan a vacation around a book you are reading. Of course, my family has read the “Star Wars” series mainly because my son is a Stars Wars fanatic! So we are planning a trip to Disneyland this summer to coincide with his reading. Very simple reading activity that will tell my son that what he is reading is important to the family.

· Reading on the go sometimes is all parents have time to do. The simple solution is to have your child read on computer. This is a great start for some children and families. I know that my son loves to play games on the computer and also loves to read books on the computer. At Links for Learning,, parents can download free books for their children to read. There is an amazing reading CD available that you can have play in the car, which is a huge time saver! During the “Reading is Fun” week, Links for Learning is giving away their Reading Program for Free to parents who have logged reading hours with their younger child.

Reading is a fun experience and thanks to “Reading is Fundamentals” for reminding us parents of the importance of reading to our children. Find a way to implement reading in your life.

Debbie Cluff is the owner of Links for Learning,, the online tutoring and instant homework help site for k-12th grade and host of the talk radio show and television show, The Debbie Cluff Show streaming on Her current blogs can be read at and is the mother of 3 and wife to Tyler for the past 8 years residing in South Pasadena California.


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