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The AYP in Utah

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Such an interesting thing happened a couple of days ago. The AYP or Adequate Yearly Progress, came out in my state of Utah. I went to check and see how Utah was doing compared to the nation and my school district, as well with a majority of the school districts in Utah, DID NOT PASS! I was so appauled by this and called the state department of education to speak with somebody about this. They were as concerned as I was and I asked what I could do. They said to educate the parents and help them understand the importance of these tests and if the school districts did not pass two years in a row they would be put on a program improvement. Sounds like a good plan? Whatever. I contact the Alpine School District and am transferred to about 10 people who have NO IDEA WHAT THE AYP IS OR WHO IS IN CHARGE OF IT. Finally, I talk to John Jesse in the research and development. He is the man in charge of collecting the data and solving the problem. He doesn’t seem very concerned and says it is usually the principal who has to deal with this problem. The Alpine School district doesn’t really have any focus in how to resolve the AYP test scores. Then he goes on to explain that in the past 6 something years he has been working for the Alpine School District, I am one of 2 calls he has had, so I can conclude that parents and school districts do not care about the education of OUR students in the state of Utah. No wonder we are not able to pass the AYP. Nobody is held responsible because nobody is making a fuss about the test. Parents I am asking you to educate yourself and call your school district and get this AYP test problem in your school district solved. It is ridiculous that we are not getting involved and forcing the school districts to COMPLY WITH STATE STANDARDS! If you want to know what to do contact your school district and your state… or just email me and I will help


Written by debbiecluff

September 30, 2007 at 2:45 pm

Posted in Education

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