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The AYP in Utah

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Such an interesting thing happened a couple of days ago. The AYP or Adequate Yearly Progress, came out in my state of Utah. I went to check and see how Utah was doing compared to the nation and my school district, as well with a majority of the school districts in Utah, DID NOT PASS! I was so appauled by this and called the state department of education to speak with somebody about this. They were as concerned as I was and I asked what I could do. They said to educate the parents and help them understand the importance of these tests and if the school districts did not pass two years in a row they would be put on a program improvement. Sounds like a good plan? Whatever. I contact the Alpine School District and am transferred to about 10 people who have NO IDEA WHAT THE AYP IS OR WHO IS IN CHARGE OF IT. Finally, I talk to John Jesse in the research and development. He is the man in charge of collecting the data and solving the problem. He doesn’t seem very concerned and says it is usually the principal who has to deal with this problem. The Alpine School district doesn’t really have any focus in how to resolve the AYP test scores. Then he goes on to explain that in the past 6 something years he has been working for the Alpine School District, I am one of 2 calls he has had, so I can conclude that parents and school districts do not care about the education of OUR students in the state of Utah. No wonder we are not able to pass the AYP. Nobody is held responsible because nobody is making a fuss about the test. Parents I am asking you to educate yourself and call your school district and get this AYP test problem in your school district solved. It is ridiculous that we are not getting involved and forcing the school districts to COMPLY WITH STATE STANDARDS! If you want to know what to do contact your school district and your state… or just email me and I will help


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September 30, 2007 at 2:45 pm

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A few Old Blogs for Fun

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I have added these blogs from my old blog in 2006. You can comment at the end if you wish about any of them.

Expose your Children to All Forms of Reading

October 3rd, 2006


It is important for children to read from a wide range of genres because they will need to have a wide-range of knowledge when they get older. I can only relate the importance of reading many areas to to why I give my son a variety of foods. How can he know what he likes and what he is missing out on if he only gets meat and potatoes? This is the same with children and their knowledge. A teacher cannot expect the students to be well-rounded if they are only served on genre every year.

I think it is very important to expose the students to fantasy and fairy tales because there is such a push for children to grow up fast. My favorite Folk Tales are those that come from South America. A good website for Mayan Folktales is There are many different lesson plans that can go along with this because the teacher is basing a tale from another country. Another great website for Japaneses Folktales is

When I taught 6th grade the first week of class I did different tales about why things were what they were. An example being why the sun is yellow and why the moon rising in the evening. Children need to learn to use their imagination and this genre lets them do this.


Equality in Education: Online Tutoring is the non-discrimination answer

August 6th, 2006


Equality in Education: Online Tutoring is the non-discrimination answer

One of the major ways to communicate in this century is the internet. This is because of the internet’s ability to reach people in all locations and with diverse cultural backgrounds any time of the day. The internet does not discriminate against religion, race, education, class, or background which helps build a sense of equality in bettering a student’s education. Due to the positive atmosphere the internet can create, online education will produce a healthier learning environment and a greater quality of education to all society. The best way to enhance this generations education is with online education, which is online tutoring, because of the availability, convenience, and affordable sessions provided by various companies.

Online education is the idea of the student and the instructor, separated by time and distance, both using the internet to communicate and establish building blocks in education. The process of online learning is presented in a virtual classroom setting and presents a more traditional teaching/learning method due to the one-on-one interaction. Online tutoring provides written words with broader meanings. The tutor and the students are able to engage more actively during each session allowing time to think and respond in a stress free environment. Online education has a higher level of student participation because of the sense of animosity in the classroom. One major pro about online tutoring is that students who are apprehensive about communicating in a classroom are more likely to participate and freely express their thoughts during online tutoring sessions.

An important aspects of online tutoring is the issue of religion, race, social class, age, and expertise are not debated in the virtual classroom. Every student attending online tutoring sessions have an equal opportunity to learn and expand their education. Online tutoring is dependent upon learning styles and the ability to want to learn. Each student’s background or home life is not an issue, but is their character is based on behavior, based on new knowledge, skill and attitude. Tutors are able to cater each lesson plan around specific needs and learning abilities during each session.

During online sessions, tutors provide clear guidelines for interaction in the virtual classroom. Students are quickly become aware of the symbols and style of learning during each session. Since this is the digital generation online tutoring is easier for them to comprehend. By the 8th grade, most students have been using instant messenger, emailing, or text messaging their friends for some time. Online tutors provide a different kind of feedback than face-to-face tutors. Online tutors are able to provide informational and reinforcement feedback. Students are given positive acknowledgement the entire tutoring session making them feel comfortable in their learning environment and what they are being taught. The internet is the greatest resource of the time and during online tutoring sessions, the internet can provide examples, additional support, and learning tools specifically dependent on that learning session. Overall, students react positive to online tutoring sessions and will keep using this tool for support in their education.

The internet is the great resource of this century and can reach a huge amount of students who are in need of academic success. The internet does not allow people to discriminate based on religion, race, education, social class, or background, but is based upon the individual’s self-worth and attitude. Online tutoring can help students with an academic difficulty and help them achieve higher levels of learning not depending on the background of that student. Online tutoring is the keystone to education because of the many positive aspects of learning possibilities.


Educational Hope for Parents and Students Press Release

August 1st, 2006


Parents and Teachers need to reinforce the idea that reading to your child everyday is important to their developmental and educational achievements. Links for Learning now provides reading in the home to stimulate and encourage positive learning in the home. Through their new reading sessions students beginning in Pre-K can have the academic benefits of being read to in the home.
United States (PRWEB) August 5, 2006 — The National Network for Child Care explains that reading with your child is important. Reading to children has been categorized as additional steps in caring for their developmental and educational achievements towards their learning goals. Links for Learning, an online tutoring and instant homework help site for K-12th Graders, is working with parents to deliver a higher standard of excellent in every home. Through this online reading program, parents can have their students read to in the comfort of their home on a daily basis. During the 20-30 minute reading session, students will listen to a certified online tutor read a developmentally appropriate, grade leveled reading book.
in the home can increases children’s vocabulary, stimulates the imagination, teach students how to listen, and helps improve self-esteem by encouraging positive social interaction. Reading stories to children encourages them to want to learn to become an excellent reader through emotional and intellectual development. Links for Learning provides reading via headphones with an online tutor to advance and encourage positive learning in the home. Their online reading program is based on the National Standards of Language Arts and can be provided to students beginning in Pre-K. Every child can be read to in the home on a daily basis in hopes of achieving these great academic benefits.
The National Assessment of English Reading tested around eight thousand first and fifth class students at schools around the country. Here is what the tests found in regards to the importance of reading in the home. “The study found that children who are read to before starting school perform better than average” ( Children need to have reading in the home to achieve academic excellence. Online reading can be the keystone to higher reading standards in students. Through Links for Learning’s new reading sessions students, beginning in the Pre-K, can have the academic benefits of being read to in the home.


Reading Is Important

July 29th, 2006


The National Network for Child Care explains that reading with your child is important. Why would the National Network for Child Care be commenting on the importance of reading with your child? It seems that Child Care is more categorized by dealing with unhealthy situations in the home. Reading to your child is caring for their well-being and educational standards because it defines the basis of their learning process. Why is reading to a child beneficial in the home
There are basic reasons behind this. It increases children’s vocabulary, stimulates the imagination, teaches them how to listen, helps improve self-esteem and encourages positive social interaction. These are a few basic principals that need to be taught in the home in order to gain ideal educational goals. Reading stories to children encourages them to read and helps develop emotions and intelligence. Reading to children in the early stages of their learning process, helps to prepare them for kindergarten and school experiences in the future ( Reading with a child is the one of the most important projects a parent can do to better his educational success.
together can bring a closeness and sense of security between the parent and child. Dr. Bruce Perry explains, “The most important property of humankind is the capacity to form and maintain relationships. These relationships are absolutely necessary for any of us to survive, learn, work, love, and procreate.. Within this inner circle of intimate relationships, we are bonded to each other with “emotional glue” — bonded with love” ( Parents can hold their child and share a special moment when reading to them. This time can give the child a sense of love and importance in their parents life. Reading can help form an attachment to their parental figure.
The National Assessment of English Reading tested around eight thousand first and fifth class students at schools around the country. Here is what the tests found in regards to the importance of reading in the home. “The study found that children who are read to before starting school perform better than average” ( All these explanations prove that reading in the home is as important as feeding a child. Parents need to feed their children’s education and can do it simply by sitting down with their child for 20 minuts a day and read a book to them. If this can’t be done, the parent could have the child read to by a close sibling or in the extreme, online tutoring.
is so important in the home and really sets the basis for the educational success of a child. Reading brings closeness to a family and encourages the building of self-esteem which will last into adulthood. Why would the National Network for Child Care bother with teaching parents about the importance of reading with their child? Simple, reading is that important to care about.

Facts on Reading with Your Child

July 29th, 2006

I just put this together from sources on the internet, but this is great ways benefits to why parents need to read with their child.

Reading to your child can be beneficial in more ways than one. Perhaps the most important benefit is the time you will spend together. You’ll share a special moment by taking part in an activity that can be done almost any time and any place. Sitting on your lap, your child will have a sense of security. You’ll get to know each other and deepen your relationship.

Reading can be compared to art: the more you draw, the better an artist you’ll become. Likewise, the more you read, the better a reader you’ll be. Your child will not criticize your reading skills. Even if you have a rocky start, with time, your reading skills will get better.

By reading the story aloud, your child will learn to follow a story from beginning to end. New vocabulary will be introduced. When there’s more than one language spoken in the household, the child will develop his hearing to the language and be able to use the correct pronunciation. There’s also picture identification and labeling various items in the book.

Key Ingredients For Successful Reading:

  • Find something interesting to read.
  • Change your tone of voice, use low and high pitch, use squeaking sounds, whistles and other mouth noises.
  • Involve your child in the reading.
  • Discuss with your child the people in the story and what happened.
  • Play with the ending, e.g. What happened to …? What if…?
  • Most important — laugh and have fun with your child.


Reading is so important at any age. I know that I read to my children once a day and now my son has been reading to my 6 week old baby. Reading sets the standard for a child’s learning because it encourages them to improve their own reading skills. The more we read to our children, the better they will become at reading in school. It is such a simple concept that parents need to understand. The earlier parents begin to read with their child the better.

What is Online Tutoring

July 21st, 2006

What is online tutoring? Online tutoring is an actual virtual tutoring session where the students are tutored from their home, on their computer, instead of getting help in an institutional setting. During the online tutoring sessions, the students are in the comfort of their own home, learning in a positive atmosphere. The tutoring session have unlimited access because in the online setting, “the world is your oyster”. Online tutoring is the virtual learning asset to students. Students do not feel reprimanded for their lack of knowledge because the online tutor is there to help them overcome their fears of learning. Students gain confidence and a better understanding of their problem subject because of the unique style of learning the computer presents. What is online tutoring? The key to a successful education.

Willy Wonka, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, best describes online tutors, when he stated, “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.” Online tutoring is the key to the future of our children’s education. These tutoring sessions have the capacity to inspire the world to love to learn! It is their job to prepare daily lesson plans that not only teach the required curriculum, but also motivate the students to ask for more knowledge in all disciplines. Tutoring sessions can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because of the ability to reach all areas online. This access will only help each child to remain focused and exceed the goals placed upon them. This is a not difficult task because of the wide area of access online tutoring sites have.

Online Tutoring lessons and activities are more appealing to students of all ages and of all levels of learning. This is because the students will know that interesting activities will follow, so they better pay close attention. Online tutors teach in a way that is positive and enjoyable to everyone, including themselves. Terry Astuto, psychologist, writes, “no conscientious educator would oppose the idea of excellence in education. The problem is gaining consensus over how to obtain it” (Astuto, 63). This is the main problem is the lack of knowledge parents have about tutoring online.

In order for this educational phenomenon to be accomplished, online tutoring has to become more mainstream. Information needs to be presented of the importance of these sessions need to reach all parents and students. School districts need to implement online tutoring in the classroom and offer online tutoring sites to their parents. Online tutoring has to be implemented in the home. Parents have to become more aware of the importance of these sites. “These sites offer preparedness and academic support to students having difficulties in school”, explains Debbie Cluff, CEO of Links for Learning. She goes on to say, “Parents need to be aware of the positive resources available to them right in their home”. Parents are so busy with their work schedule and raising a family that school is being placed on the back burner. This has to stop. Students are our future and parental support is the basis of their success. Parents now have the access to put additional educational resources in their home at their convenience! Online tutoring is easy to implement in the home.

Online tutoring needs a support system from the schools and parents. Online tutoring is the virtual classroom which presents a positive learning environment for all learning styles and special needs. This resource is affordable, convenient, and easily accessible from every students home. Online tutoring is the basis for a better education here in the United States.

Preschool Opportunity and Educational Products Press Release

July 20th, 2006

Links for Learning, the Online Tutoring Site, Announces Additional Educational Opportunities for Parents!

United States (PRWeb) July 12, 2006 – Links for Learning, an Online Tutoring and Instant Homework Help site has now expanded their educational opportunities for Parent’s by including Pre-K Specialty Classes and Educational Products. The Preschool is based in Orem, Utah and is based on a program developed during the founder’s Master’s Program for early literacy which engages all teaching modalities. The Educational Toys and Products include preschool software, toddler activities, and elementary school curriculum based programs.

The preschool sessions focus on enhancing the students learning abilities through different teaching styles, academic, and social growth. Students are taught in a small ratio environment which is placed in a home like setting rather than a public institutional ambiance. It is best for students to learn in this
non-commercial, familiar element in order to ensure complete self relevance in the classroom. The preschool is based on the standard kindergarten curriculum, preschool based themes, preschool software, and reading and writing activities.

Links for Learning is now offering educational toys and products for children and students. These toys include children’s books, book reviews, a child activity center, infant products, children CD’s, and other educational activities for infants, toddlers, preschool students, and elementary school aged children. Links for Learning hopes that there site will be a place where parents can come and find the necessary items to meet their specific student’s needs. Every child should be able to learn in a positive environment and Links for Learning can help.

Links for Learning is very excited about both their preschool and educational online store. Through online tutoring, instant homework help, and the additional of their new products, the company expects to achieve greatness with every child.

Educational Phenomenon Press Release

July 20th, 2006

Educational Phenomenon To Raise Students Learning Level and Bring Awareness to Parents about Convenient Academic Resources

An educational phenomenon has begun in the online world in relations to the individual learning needs of our students. Online tutoring, the virtual learning environment is becoming more mainstream due to the high testimonials of parents of K-12th graders. While tutoring sessions were once restricted to the rich it is now available in an affordable, convenient, and accessible manner which is through everyone’s home computer.



United States (PRWEB) July 20, 2006 – An educational phenomenon has begun in the world of learning for students in K-12th Grade who are seeking additional resources in reading, math, and writing. This phenomenon is Links for Learning, the online tutoring and instant homework help site. Online Tutoring, virtual tutoring sessions where the students are instructed from the comfort of their own home, are becoming more mainstream as an alternate learning tool and Links for Learning is helping parents/students reach that level of academic success. Once informed this company’s resources, parents are grasping onto this technological capability of enhancing their students learning levels and demanding further attention be brought to the importance of this online tutoring ingenuity. Tutoring sessions are now not just available to those that can afford private training, but to anybody who has access to a computer in their own home.

Online Tutoring is the key to the future of our children’s education because the sessions are presented in a non-threatening situation. “Online Tutoring allows students to learn in their home setting rather than a public institutional setting. Students learn best in this non-commercial, familiar, stress-free environment” explains Debbie Cluff, CEO of Links for Learning, an online tutoring site. She goes on to say, “Parents need to become aware of the positive educational resources available to them right in their own home”. Parents have the ability to be present during all tutoring sessions and reinforce the ideas presented during the sessions.

During the online tutoring sessions, the students are in the comfort of their own home, learning in a positive atmosphere. The tutoring session have unlimited access because in the online sessions, “the world is your oyster”. Students gain confidence and a better understanding of their problem area because of the unique style of learning the sessions present.

Online tutoring is available at This site provides an affordable and convenient site that has specific teaching credentials and requirements for all hired tutors. Homework Help is offered at this site which is another great resource to enforce the online learning setting.

For additional information on the news in this press release, please contact Tyler Cluff at Additional products available at this site are educational products for infants, toddlers, preschool students, and elementary aged students.

About the Company:

Links for Learning communicates using Live Chat. There is no additional equipment or software that is required and all resources are free. Our tutors will email or text your child the downloadable work which can conveniently be printed at home from your own computer.


Debbie Cluff

Importance of Online Tutoring

July 19th, 2006

Today I got a call from a news reporter back East who was thrilled with the idea of online tutoring. He was a bit confused of how the tutoring sessions worked and didn’t grasp the concept of everything being online. Online tutoring is the most amazing concept. Why go anywhere when you can get the help for your child in your home and at your convenience. I think one of the reasons that I started this site was to make sure that students could have access to a better education. Online tutoring is so simple, affordable and convenient. The tutors have access to so many resources which can only build upon each students learning ability. The amazing aspect is why online tutoring has not become more mainstream.

July 15th, 2006

I was just thinking about the pros and cons of sending you child to private school instead of public school. One of the reasons this comes up is because my mom is moving to Utah and she doesn’t want to put her second grader into the public school system for fear of him falling behind. He is reading around a fourth grade level and doesn’t want him to even out if he attends a public school. Another reason is because I have been talking to mom’s in the area who have pulled their students from the public school system and placed them in the local Charter Schools. As a teacher in a public school district this is really offensive that parents do not trust my and my colleagues teaching skills. I know teachers who work at private schools who were hired without any schooling and are paid far less than myself, but are respected more than me? I have had classes with many teachers who work for the Charter Schools who cannot stand the system and the lack of accountability placed on their students and the faculty. Why are parents pulling their students out of public school and why are public school teachers so looked down upon by parents? I do understand that it is important to get the best education for your child and I do understand that students are going to have to have outside resources to achieve these goals (i.e. online tutoring). Why is placing your child in a private school any better than placing your child in a free public school. Is our society so caught up in finances that our children are not really getting the better education? I don’t have the answer. My son is in preschool here in Orem and I have not had the experience with a child going through the public educational system. I do plan on him going to the public school in the area. Through educational products, online tutoring, educational toys, etc. I am sure he will succeed in his education. I just don’t understand why public schools are so looked down upon.

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