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Reading Tips

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Reading Tips:

At Links for Learning, we understand how important it is to teach your child phonics and reading at home. Both should be taught at a young age to ensure a love for learning. We want your child to be successful in education that is why we are providing a list of helpful hints in teaching your child phonics and reading.

  • Read Aloud to you child every day. This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to help your child become a reader
  • Read and reread your favorite nursery rhymes to reinforce the sound patterns of the language. Enjoy tongue twisters.
  • When you child is already familiar with whatever you are reading aloud, you can run your hangs over the  words to help your child associate spoken words with the written form
  • Read and discuss the alphabet books together and make alphabet books of your own
  • Children need to hear 1,000 stories read aloud before they begin to learn to read for themselves. That’s 2 stories a day! You can do it!
  • By the age of one, children will have learned all the sounds that make up the native language they are going to speak. But they can’t learn to talk unless they’re spoken to. The more we talk and read to our children, the brighter they will be.
    Reading problems are difficulty to fix, but really easy to prevent.
  • If you want to help your child learn letter/sound relationship you might read Dr. Seuss books with your child and notice some of the letter/sound clusters as you enjoy the book
  •  Take your child to the library and obtain a library card. Make it a regular habit.
  • Encourage your child to watch PBS instead of a cartoon. Compare the books they read on these shows with other books.
  • Consider obtaining books on tape.
  • When sharing literature that has some interesting sounds elements and patterns.
  • Share what you are reading with your child!
  • Have a go to bed with a book policy

Links for Learning provides help for students who need additional reading resources. We understand parents need additional support in helping their child reach their academic goals. Links for Learning is here to help your child succeed in
Reading, please visit our Reading  Writing and Grammar Support Service Links. We want to ensure that your child can and will exceed our learning goals! For additional information please email us at


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