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Online Learning is achieving higher honors and receiving more of a positive feedback from the users. Online Learning can be classified as online tutoring or instant homework help, both of which are directed towards to development of quality education. Everyone has their own personal learning style and online learning tends to help collect and organize information into a better understanding of what they are learning. Online Education tends to be less stressful on the student because they are in the comfortable spot and ready to learn. Online learning complements many students’ learning styles and helpful for learners who have Learning Disabilities, LD. This is because the students are able to learn at their own pace and use all senses to understand the information.Most online tutoring courses are able to depict the students learning style and design activities that address their personal style of learning which provides significant learning experience for the student. In an online learning classroom, the students are using verbal, nonverbal, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to achieve educational greatness.  Students who are LD excel more in online learning environments because they are concentrating on many styles of learning instead of just auditory, which dominates the classroom.        There are so many different positive aspects of online learning. Some of these attributes are it can be done in any place, any time, and at any pace. Even on vacation, the students will still be able to reap the benefits of an online classroom because it is over the computer. Pacing oneself in education is important because it enables the students to grasp the ideas and move on when they are ready.       Finally students who are LD will be able to have learned on a leveled playing field because there is a level of anonymity in online courses; the tutor does not have predisposed ideas about the child that may be addressed if sessions are in persons, i.e. dress, disabilities, race, age, etc. Instead the attention is just on the discussion and what can be learned in the 45 minute session. Due to this lack of discrimination, the teacher will be more focused on quality education for all students.       The best aspect of online learning is the tutor’s ability to provide an unlimited amount of online resources. Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world and can be included in each tutoring session. An instructor can compile selection with links from scholarly articles, institutions, and other in depth analysis of the subject being discussed. This provides a more creative teaching style because the resources are unlimited. Online learning is the end of boring lectures and sleeping through your sessions.


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April 28, 2007 at 9:18 pm

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